Friday, April 4, 2008


A number of weeks ago whilst browsing, a favourite site of mine, I came across Crowbiz22. This very kind lady was offering free ACEOs (artist trading cards) to the first few people to contact her.

Now Yummymummy has never been reknowned for her friendship with "Lady Luck", but the gods were shining down and I managed to bag myself a free ACEO!! I was chuffed and eagerly awaited its arrival.

I was not disappointed..."The Angry Badger" arrived a short while later. This small piece of art is perfectly formed and certainly made me smile enough to purchase some more of Crowbiz' work. The "Angry Badger" can be viewed on her blog.Her little shop is definitely worth a peek ,as is her blog...

So Crowbiz, if you ever read this,many thanks again for your generosity :) :)


CrowBiz said...

Yeah hurray - thanks for that nod, Riah, I can always use some loving appreciation. (And no, "Thanks for wiping me!" shouted by an otherwise capable 5-year-old doesn't always cut it in my world.) ACEO Power! Glad you've liked them so far... my work continues...Cheers.

Yummymummy said...

You're so very welcome Crowbiz and I hear you about the 5-yr-old!!!LOL

There always seems to either "melty-poo" or wiping going on "chez-moi"....soo glad I ain't alone :))