Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well...you blink and suddenly a few months have rushed by and anyone bothering to read has probably withered away and died of boredom :))

Life here is the same hectic chaos minus the daily lunchmaking and rush to have the kids in school!!! Hurray for the summer holidays!

Of course with weather like ours, that leaves the question of how to entertain de lunatics without having to resort to wet-gear and a boat for the back-garden...LOL

I was delighted to have some really talented peeps comment on some of the 'artwork'..I use the term loosely...people like Bonzie (http://www.designsbybonzie.blogspot.com/ )

and Lilycobweb (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=94982 ) have been really kind and honestly for real talent,spend just a little while on Etsy to see work by these two amazing girls

or by Susarto(http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=108334 )

or Rubyclover(http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5160666 ),

you will not be disappointed!

For all wannabe 'yummymummy fashionistas', I recently discovered this little gem...


For the princely sum of 14 Euros, you can take a gamble and purchase a share in an up and coming designer.....one way to perhaps get your hands on a classic of the future!

Worth a peek!

Not forgetting the sale page at http://www.misamu.com/

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where the hell is the Laundry-Fairy??

The Laundry-Fairy
Have you spotted this fairy recently?
Noticed anything untoward in your utility room?
If so, please help us to locate this lady,who unfortunately has been M.I.A. for a number of recent weeks.
Has several well-known accomplishes;
  1. The Cleaning Fairy
  2. The Gardening Fairy
  3. The Tidying-up Fairy
  4. The Ironing Fairy
All replies will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Help us put an end to the trail of destruction and misery caused by her sudden disappearance.

Friday, April 4, 2008


A number of weeks ago whilst browsing Etsy.com, a favourite site of mine, I came across Crowbiz22. This very kind lady was offering free ACEOs (artist trading cards) to the first few people to contact her.

Now Yummymummy has never been reknowned for her friendship with "Lady Luck", but the gods were shining down and I managed to bag myself a free ACEO!! I was chuffed and eagerly awaited its arrival.

I was not disappointed..."The Angry Badger" arrived a short while later. This small piece of art is perfectly formed and certainly made me smile enough to purchase some more of Crowbiz' work. The "Angry Badger" can be viewed on her blog.Her little shop is definitely worth a peek ,as is her blog...


So Crowbiz, if you ever read this,many thanks again for your generosity :) :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Don't get me wrong,I enjoy earning my crust and doing something useful apart from laundry and cooking duties but today was just one of those days when I wanted,nay,I needed, a duvet day!!!

Anyone else interested in getting the Irish government to fund 3 paid "duvet-days" for all workers ?

Would make more sense than some of the nonsense they have been known to spend our hard-earned taxes on!!

Just a thought :)))

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Melty Poo!!

Just one of the gems to be expected from your average 3 year old with a good dose of gastroentritis!!

"Mam, my poo is all melty"!!!

What can you say ????

A little culture...lol!!!

Okay, so I am no Leonardo..but hey scummy mummy here likes to take a break from the páistí every once in a while,even if it is only to scribble a few pathetic lines on a page!!

Whilst tidying today,I came across this little "gem". A piece scrambled together during a life drawing class last year..not exactly going to sell for millions..but hey I was delighted that it at least vaguely resembled a person.She was in fact a rather lovely lady who was expecting a child at the time.

Plans for this year...anyone with ideas as to how one can solve the "scissor-hands" probelm during a 20 minute sketch ,feel free to help!! Answers on a post-card please...LOL

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back Again!

Well, haven't been around due to Easter hols...hurray!!

My return was also hindered by the week-long visit of Mr. Gastroentritis "chez-moi"!!! I am now more than willing to send him on his way to any willing new home...LOL.Don't you just hate unwanted and unwelcome guests ? :)

It has been a bit of a poop,pee and vomit fest I'm afraid folks(apologies profusely to the more squeamish of both readers ;P)

My gosh..how much liquid can one small person hold ????Answers on a postcard pleeeze!!

But I digress, has been pretty rough these past few days, hence the distinct lack of posting but hopefully normal hectic, ad-hoc posting will resume anon!! :))

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blog Awards 2008

Well as first proper blog posts go, I felt this was a rather appropriate start!

What a great night and there was poor old me with n'er a clue who anyone was but in the grand scheme of the Blog Awards, this seemed rather inconsequential.A great night was had by all and despite my best efforts one or two photos of moi are to be found in cyber space.To tell the truth I am no "yummy mummy", more like a bedraggled ,hassled mummy most of the time but glory be to cyber space, where one can exist as a rather hot looking chick :).
I met some fantabulous people (and yes I know it's a made-up word, but it's my blog!!).Amongst them was the rather talented Mr.Handelaar...check out his pictures on flickr.com.He goes by the name of Genghis on Flickr but both he and his wife are rather lovely.The talented Curlyk ,Redmum, and Twentymajor were also present in the midst of a very large collection of vocal writers.The host for the evening was Mr. Rick O'Shea ,who carried out his duties with what can only be described as wonderful aplomb.

As introductions go, I was smitten by the blog awards and indeed the blogging community...will I be back?? You bet your life I'll be there next year, short of being up the duff ,that is :))

Bonzie, Independent Fashion Label

Review of Rated as 5/5
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The quality and design evident in the Bonzie’s clothing are spectacular. Each piece is individually hand -crafted by this talented ,young designer in her studio in Co.Waterford.
If you are looking for something unique for that special occasion....look no further. Bonzie herself is easy to deal with and very approachable. If there is something you desire not readily available ,you simply send a convo e-mail via the Etsy site to her and she will respond asap!Her corsets are to die for and do an excellent job of holding ‘less that taut tums’ in place!! Custom spats are another trademark design of Bonzies.You will also find many beautiful OOAK dresses on her site.Bonzie is also extremely eco-friendly,with all fabrics being recycled where possible. Definitely worth a visit!

JML Grab Mat for dashboards etc.

A handy little mat that does exactly what it should!!
I first spotted this product ages ago during a documentary about how the inventor was struggling to bring it to market.I thought then that it sounded pretty clever and that his parents weren’t too crazy for remortgaging their family home to help finance the project!!:)
Anyway, I never knew whether it made it to the production line, until my mother arrived one weekend with two tucked under her arm- one for moi and one for my better half!
As I suspected this is super clever for holding change for a toll bridge or a mobile phone, keys etc. Any item around the size of a large moile will sit comfortably on it.Only thing it hasn’t held so far was an upright baby bottle (yes,I was being optimistic!!).
I think it costs less than a tenner but it certainly is worth the few Euros ,especially for any poor sod using a toll bridge on a regular basis!!
As they say “it does exactly what it says on the tin”!

Rated 4/5
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Review of Goodone Clothing

Goodone Clothing
Online range of street, recycled and reconstucted clothing.
This site was set up by Phoebe and Nin and sells clothing reconstucted from old fabric.They produce wonderful skirts and cardigans using old shirts and check out the dresses made from recycled jumpers!
This business has been trading for over a year now and I’m reliably informed there’s a new and improved womenswear range on its’ way!
The service is excellent and the company pay fair wages and decent conditions to all employees, so you can shop with a clear conscience!!!
Definitely one to watch!!
Rated 4/5
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Review of Armour Sans Anguish

Armour Sans Anguish
Eclectic,avant-garde reconstructed clothing.
Anyone interested in the eco/green flavour eschewed by the top notch fashionistas at the moment should take a look at this site.
The clothing on offer is interesting and unique. These girls certainly know what they’re doing and if only for a quick window - shop this site is worth a peek!!
Rated 4/5
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Review of Etsy.com

Etsy- a place to buy and sell all things handmade!
Super buy and sell site for arts,crafts geekery and much more!!!
This site is fabulous ! It offers everything from original artwork to recycled clothing. Some of the shops offer stuff immediately recognisable as homemade junk, but the majority of the shops offer sound goods.
Etsy kids has a huge range of shops,many offering one of a kind pieces.Take a peek at heartfeltbaby.etsy.com or pinkdixie.etsy.com to see just a sample of what’s available.
Even the boys will enjoy the wonderful techie tools on the site - try the geolocator to find shops belonging to Etsy near you!You can shop by colour,by showcase,through a time machine or by good old-fashioned catagory.
If you’re interested in vintage, handmade or recontructed clothing, this is the site for you. Also to be found are talented new designers such as Bonzie..simply fabulous!!SecretLentil,Katwise and Lorimarsha all offer unique, one of a kind pieces and the service I’ve received thus far shopping with Etsy has been fab. SecretLentil comes highly recommended, if only for the speed of her service.
As some shops are European, but most are US based be aware of the customs implications of each purchase - you have been warned, so no room for grumbling when Mr. Postie collects VAT and a postal charge to collect same!!!
All in all a great site that is guaranteed to make you want more!
Rated 5/5
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Review of Rubylane.com

Seriously addictive online shopping mall , filled with jewellery, collectibles, fine art and unusual gifts!!!
Review of http://www.rubylane.com/
Rated as 5/5
This website is not for the faint hearted due to its’ addictive nature - you have been warned!!
What can I say I love, love love this site.
There are some exquisite artisan jewellery shops to be visited - check out the funky necklaces etc. at Studiotracyr or drop into Carey-McDuff to view their pieces.Many shops offer unique,handmade one-off pieces but do shop around as prices vary greatly. Any query I’ve sent to shop owners thus far has been courteously and promptly responded to.
The site has the facility to make offers also - be cheeky but remember that final offers ,if accepted constitute a sale!!There are hours of endless fun available here, even if only to window shop.
One downside is that it can be laborious to find a shop again if you aren’t paying close attention to the name of the shop initially- be warned and add any items you’re seriously interested in to your “wishlist” or subscribe to that shops mailing list!!
All that’s left for me to say is ENJOY!!!
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Review of Laragh House B&B accomadation

Clean,well presented accommodation at reasonable rates in Kilkenny city.
Review of Laragh House B & B accommodation
Rated as 4/5
A recent trip to a wedding in Kilkenny offered a chance to try this wonderful B & B, which is located on the Waterford road. Each room is decorated in an individual style and all are immaculately clean!
This purpose built B & B is better than many a hotel I’ve stayed in and all of our group were equally impressed by the rooms. The staff were efficient and helpful,especially Helen. The food was simple but good and a selection of breakfasts were on offer, including delicious fresh fruit salad, yummy scrambled eggs and the usual full Irish.
Definitely worth a visit!!
All the accomadation and details are available on their excellent website http://www.laraghhouse.com/
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Review of Clinique Colour-Rub All-Over Lustre

An allover colour, blusher or highlighter.
Review of product: Clinique colour rub, allover lustre
Rated as 4/5
This product promises a lot but works best as a subtle,easy to apply blusher.
It is supposedly a “limited edition”,although how true this will actually be is anybody’s guess!!
Definitely a great product, by no means essential, but decidedly desirable.Gives a great “glow”.
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Review of Clinique Moisture Surge face spray

Excellent moisturer for those with very dry skin and the terminally lazy!!!
Review of product: Clinique moisture surge face spray
Rated as 5/5
I simply love this product - great moisturisation in a spray!! As a rather bedraggled thirty -something mother of three,my skin has seen better days.Even though I’m on the right side of thirty, my skin has always been dry and rather crap!No matter how exhausted I’ve been recently, a simple blitz of this before collapsing into unconsciousness has definitely helped to soften the hide!!
I received mine in a Christmas gift set, but it’s a product I will definitely be buying from now on- if only because I can lie in bed ,spray and convince myself that I’ve “looked after my skincare”.
Quite simply, it’s lazy way to moisturize!!
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Review of Roald Dahl website

An interesting stop for all Roald Dahl fans!
Review of website: Roald Dahl Website
Rated as 3/5
My children loved this website,despite the fact that much of the content was too difficult for them- they are aged 2 and 4 years.
Definitely a great resource for teachers, parents and especially older children. I would imagine that children aged 5-12 years would particularly enjoy the site.There are games and information regarding many of his classic books.
The site is worth a visit ,if only to view the wonderful Quentin Blake illustrations!
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Review of Poetry Archive

Poetry website with excellent children’s section.
Review of website: Poetry Archive
Rated as 4/5
A recently discovered gem!
What I particularly liked about this site was the children’s section. This is a real addition to the Favourites list of all those involved with young children, be they parent or educator. Poems can be listened to for simple pleasure or for the purposes of schoolwork!
Worth a visit.
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Review of Misamu.com

Fashion at the click of a button- with good customer service!!
Review of website: Misamu.com
Rated as 4/5
This site stocks several well known brands, some rather pricey! They do however have a very well put together website.It’s easy to use,with good sizing etc.
Best of all,the customer service is excellent.A technical problem caused my first order for the princely sum of 60 Euros, to go through as 84 Euros.An e-mail received next day response and an immediate credit card refund.
This Irish based company is certainly worth a perusal for all fashionistas, even if you intend to spend nothing!!
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Review of the Common Craft Show

RSS Feeders made easy!!
Review of website: The Common Craft Show
Rated as 5/5
What a choice find for those of us not blessed to walk and talk like the technorati!!!
A simple explanation as to how set up an RSS feed that will save tons of time- a great 3.5 min video reveals all. Worth a visit!
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